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Enjoy a curated Sushi-san experience customized to your needs. Join us for Private Dining or let us bring the restaurant to you with our Group Ordering, Live Action Sushi & Virtual Events.

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Monday - Friday | 3:00PM - 6:00PM

This April, join Sushi-san in celebrating Earth Month with the outstanding “Naomi” Grenache Gris by Evan Lewandowski of Ruth Lewandowski Wines. Inspired by a passage from the Old Testament, the name “Ruth” signifies more than just a name but an ethos, born from Lewandowski’s commitment to rhythms of nature and profound respect for the land. Evan’s approach is itself a testament to the beauty of embracing the cycle of life, from the soil to the glass, mirroring Earth Month’s spirit of renewal and respect for our planet. Ruth Lewandowski Wines stands as a beacon of what is possible when we align our practices with the principles of organic farming and minimal intervention. It’s not just a glass of wine; it’s a statement of purpose, a sip of the Earth’s natural bounty, and a tribute to the meticulous care and passion of its maker. RLW’s “Naomi” Grenache Gris is a harmony of balance and elegance. Expect to be enchanted by the lush notes of ripe white peach, the subtle undertones of fennel bulb, and the sweet whispers of honey, all carried on a beam of vibrant acidity and a touch of minerality. Raise a glass with us as we honor not only the Earth but those visionaries like Evan who champion a sustainable, expressive future in winemaking.

 $5 Asahi Cold Draft | $6 Glass Pours of Sake-san, Hot Sake, Snow Maiden Nigori Sake, Les Silex Sauvignon Blac, Liquid Swords Pinot Noir | $9 Toki A.F. Old Fashioned | $6 Sushi-san favorites like our 5pc Spicy Tuna Maki, 3pc Spicy Tuna Aburi, Shishito Peppers, Roasted Edamame, Japanese Eggplant, and more.
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Sushi-san Swag

Show your love for Sushi with Sushi-san’s custom Sushi sweatshirt. These hoodies are $65, plus tax and are available for purchase through our online store.

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the Sushi-san team is excited to announce our private-label impression, brought to life by the talented team at Daimon Brewery in Osaka, Japan. Our own sake sommelier, Daniel Bennett, traveled to japan to inform the production.

“i set out to craft Chicago’s jizake, searching for a gateway sake that represents japan and Chicago all in one brew and would excite seasoned sake drinkers and newcomers alike.” – Daniel Bennett

The connections to our sister city are reflected in the label, designed by Alex Payne, with a bridge connecting the skylines of Osaka, Japan to Chicago. As Osaka is the “food capital” of Japan, this sake was brewed specifically to pair with the bold flavors that paint our own city’s culinary landscape.

An award-winning regional brewery, Daimon Shuzo has crafted a sake that is approachable, bright, crisp and food-friendly.

Sake-san is available for purchase by the bottle at Sushi-san.

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